Windscreen Coverage Value for Honda

Windscreen Price List – Coverage Value for Honda

The suggested windscreen coverage value includes the cost of replacement, installation/labor fee, and quality solar film tint.

Car Model Coverage Value Price to pay
Honda Elysion RM4000 RM600
Honda Freed RM2000 RM300
Honda CRV S10 RM1000 RM150
Honda CRV S9A RM1200 RM180
Honda CRV WQ (2007-2012) RM1500 RM225
Honda CRV (2009-2016) RM1500 RM225
Honda CRV (2017+)  RM2500 RM375
Honda CRV (Camera) (2017+) RM3500 RM525
Honda CRV (2023+)    
Honda Insight RM9000 RM1350
Honda City MN (2003-2008) RM1000 RM150
Honda City 2px (2009-2013) RM1500 RM225
Honda City T9A (2014-2020) RM1500 RM225
Honda City (2021+) RM2000 RM300
Honda City (Camera) (2021+) RM2300 RM345
Honda City Hatchback (2021+) RM2000 RM300
Honda City Hatchback (Camera)(2021+) RM2300 RM345
Honda Accord S84 (1999-2004) RM1000 RM150
Honda Accord UA (2004-2007) RM1200 RM180
Honda Accord (2008-2013) RM2000 RM300
Honda Accord (2014+) RM2500 RM375
Honda Accord (Camera) (2017+) RM4000 RM600
Honda Accord (2020+) RM2500 RM375
Honda Accord (Camera) (2020+) RM3000 RM450
Honda CRZ RM8000 RM1200
Honda CRZ (non ori glass) RM2000 RM300
Honda Civic FD (2005-2012) RM1500 RM225
Honda Civic FB (2012-2016) RM2200 RM330
Honda Civic FC (2016-2020) RM2200 RM330
Honda Civic FC (Camera) (2016-2022) RM2500 RM375
Honda Civic FE (Camera) (2022+) RM3000 RM450
Honda Jazz (2006-2009) RM1000 RM150
Honda Jazz (2009-2014) RM1500 RM225
Honda Jazz (2014+) RM1500 RM225
Honda Jazz (2020+)    
Honda Stream (2000-2006) RM1500 RM225
Honda Stream RN6 (2006+) RM5000 RM750
Honda Odyssey RA6 (2002-2004) RM2000 RM300
Honda Odyssey RB1-2 (2004-2008) RM2000 RM300
Honda Odyssey RB3-4 (2008-2013) RM2000 RM300
Honda Odyssey RC1 (2013+) RM5000 RM750
Honda HRV  RM1500 RM225
Honda HRV (camera) (2022+) RM3000 RM450
Honda BRV RM1500 RM225

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